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Hello and good day fellow PC enthusiasts :hello:

I am having an issue with fan speed control on one of my CPU fans.
CPU Heatsink:
Bios: v1.11

To get the usual questions out of the way, I did make sure both the fan and the mobo plug-in were both four-pin. My issue is that while MSI Control Center and the BIOS itself are detecting the fan, neither are allowing me to alter the fan speed. This is strange, because I can alter CPU and SYS1 fan speeds (CPU is four-pin, SYS1 is three-pin), but not SYS2. This is very annoying because the SYS2 fan is running at max speed (2000 RPM) and is very loud. Any help would be appreciated.

Edit: Quick explanation: 4-pin fan in a 4-pin slot = no fan speed control
3-pin fan in a 3-pin slot = fan speed control
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  1. Bump.
  2. Ok. I made a very bootleg solution to my problem. I switched my 3-pin backpanel fan from SYS1 (keep in mind, SYS1 is a 3-pin slot) into the SYS2 (4-pin slot); I moved my 4-pin fan into the SYS1 slot. I can now control my second CPU fan from SYS1, but now my backpanel fan plugged into SYS2 is running max speed.

    For those of you paying close attention, that means:

    4-pin fan connected into a 3-pin slot = fan speed control
    3-pin fan connected into a 4-pin slot = no fan speed control

    Wut. :na:

    This is infuriating. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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