New Case No Usb

hey Guys

I recently got a cooler master haf x, and my front panel usbs don't work. i am thinking it is something wrong with motherboards not accepting it.
What can i do
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  1. Hello Xthealienatorx;

    How did you go about hooking up the motherboard USB header to your case front panel?
  2. My guess too, they aren't hooked up (or properly hooked up) to the mobo. What mobo are you using?
  3. Common mistake among new builders. I myself have miswired the front panel. Rearrange the wiring and chances are it will work just fine.
  4. i put it in the same place as my other case was, my mobo is in the cpu validator in my signature,
  5. Your Sig is missing
  6. sorry about that
    this should work
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