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Hello mates!
I was just wondering if anyone knew a micro ATX FM2 motherboard which supports Lucid Virtu. I am not well versed in the exact functionality (more info is welcome ;) ) but I believe I read somewhere that Lucid Virtu would allow me to utilize both the 7660d from my A10-5800k with a discrete graphics card. I currently have a 7770 and instead of purchasing a 7850, I was thinking of investing in a different mobo to use Lucid Virtu in that manner.
So far, I've seen that Asus might possibly have one since I saw this page:
There's a part where it says the mobo has VirtuMVP but does that mean ALL of them have it? I really feel like maybe only one of those listed do.. And I looked at the ones which have a 4 pin connector for the CPU (as my PSU only has a 4 pin connector for the CPU rather than the usual 8 pin nowadays) and it came down to the ASUS F2A85-M/CSM FM2 AMD A85X and ASUS F2A55-M/CSM FM2 AMD A55. I'm really thinking hat the A85X based one would be more likely to have this feature as it is newer..

If anyone can shed some light on this, it would be very much appreciated! Thanks in advance :p
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  1. only the Z** sockets of intel boards have this feature. you should ask yourself why u need it first and look for a bigger pc if you really want it. you can still use the cpu graphics card on any of the intel boards, just not the encoding functionality.
  2. not the switchable encoding functionality*
  3. Wait so the ad for those Asus FM2 from Newegg is incorrect? No Asus FM2 boards have Virtu support?
  4. thats an amd apu, not the intel one, im not sure it is out yet.
  5. really sorry, i went off a completely different tanget there. all of FM2's are in principle capable of working with the lucid virtu though. heres an example:
  6. Visit, and and you will find there which are the motherboards with Lucid Virtu MVP support! It's very simple, think before you ask!
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