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Are The Following Components Compatible?

Okay, so to start off, I pretty much have everything picked out already, I just want to know whether or not there will be any issues with anything. Anyways, I'm assembling an AMD based gaming rig, trying to keep it under $700. Here's what I've got going right now:

ASUS M5A88-V EVO Motherboard
AMD Phenom II X4 970BE
NZXT Phantom
G.Skill Ripjaw X Series 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3
OCZ ZS Series 650W 80PLUS PSU
LG DVD Burner

I am planning on reusing the hard drive and video card in my current system:

WD 200GB 7200rpm PATA
Nvidia GeForce 9600 GT

I will probably upgrade both of those eventually, but with hard drives prices being so high lately, and video cards always pricey, I figured it would be best to reuse for now. At this point, I'm looking at under $500 right now, and I'd like to keep it around there if possible. I'm planning on purchasing all these over the next month or so as I get money for it. Anyways, comments? Suggestions? Thanks!
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    You can save by buying a 955 Phenom and changing one setting in BIOS to make it run at 970 speed . They are the exact same part .

    You definitely wont need a 650 watt psu in that configuration but it would let you install a powerful graphics card later

    I assume you picked that MB so you could get an IDE/PATA socket for you hard drive .

    Another option could be to buy the Arock 970 Gen3 for $85 and use the money you save there and on the cheaper cpu to buy a small[ish] SSD
  2. The 955 can OC the extra 300mhz on stock cooling? Pfft, I'll go with that then, save myself a little more. Yeah, there's actually a pretty good deal on Newegg for Black Friday that had a 650W PSU with a free CD/DVD burner, so I figured that would be worth it since I do plan to upgrade in the future.

    Yes, the motherboard I picked was partially because of the PATA socket. Yeah, I could go for something cheaper but again the future upgrade thing, this was the only board I could find that had a PATA and AM3+ socket.

    I know the newer SATA drives and SSD are faster, is it a real noticeable difference that would be worth trading out my current 200GB drive for?
  3. SATA drives are noticeably quicker than PATA , and even the slowest SSD is a LOT quicker than the best SATA drive .
    A 60 gig SSD could fit in your budget , and let you get that better mb . Only 9xx board support all the power features of the FX processors
  4. I'll definitely look into it, might be worth it. Oh, quick question... anti-static wrist straps. Are they really that important? I've heard a lot of people just ground themselves on a plugged in power supply.
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