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Hello, I have a MSI gaming laptop a few years old. One day, after many problems it finally quit. Won't load, not even a BSOD. I have a feeling the processor of the dedicated graphics card cracked due to the heat felt in palm rests, however IDK, could be the cpu, all I know is I get nothing when I try to turn it on. I essentially have an overpriced $400 paperweight. I had to replace it after only owning it second hand for a year. Now I have a semi decent HP DV6.
I was curious if I could gut the MSI and put a new upgraded laptop motherboard in there and get a better cpu and have it all work. If they can do it @ the factory why can't I put whatever cpu and chipset I want as long as it fits? The thing is massive compared to today's laptops. I don't see why I could not do whatever with all that room. I think in theory it should work, the only problem I can think of would be the power supply and how to regulate it, should the power req. for the chipset need be different?. I think AMD would be best.
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  1. Just forget this idea. Your Display won´t be compatible, the power supply is not universal, the ports to the outside are elsewehre and the cooling system is totally different. Beside this, did you research how much a mobile mainboard and CPU costs on the market?
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