$800 mild gaming pc

This is a build for my cousin, but I was just wondering if all these parts looked good and if someone would like to recommend better parts for the budget any help is welcomed. I also haven't figured out the cooling system.

AMD FX Quad Core


Corsair Obsidian

Hitachi 500gb 7200 RPM

LiteON 24x Burner

Corsair Vengeance 8gb (2x4gb)

Modular 750 Watt PSU

Thanks in advance to anyone who helps. And could someone recommend a fan for the obsidian case you can look in the specs to see what it fits.
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  1. It will be very mild without a graphics card

    and the power supply looks like major overkill
  2. I thought so my cousin said he wanted it. But i'll be able to upgrade later on. But is everything compatible thats what im asking.
  3. at the top of the forum is a thread about how to ask for advice .

    Use the form in there to let us know what you are trying to achieve , and how much you want to spend ...and what that future upgrade might be
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