Antec True Quiet Pro 120mm Case fan

If your looking to replace your 120mm case fan you just have to check out Antec's True Quiet Pro Case fans i just picked up 3 over the weekend and man what a differance in noise level..Its kinda hard to get use to im always checking them to see if there all working there that quiet...Have to admit there a bit pricey works out with shipping to $30 per fan so they cost me $90 but thats the price i guess if you want the best and they are by far
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  1. Thanks for the tip
  2. Your link isnt the fan im talking about your link is the Antec True Quiet i bought the Pro series which is a total different fan... Check this link and your see the difference and why the price is a bit high..
  3. Antec TrueQuiet Pro 120MM
    Not a big deal since you really like them.
    Nice looking fan and innovative hub/motor design.
  4. It is a big deal..a very big deal everyone who builds a gaming computer is looking for ways to get the right amount of air flow plus the silence..When you have say the new hydro Corsair cpu cooler which is loud your always looking for other ways to cut back on the noise and these fans help big time...My old fan had a noise level of 32 dba and i got it down to 18 dba high at 1200 rpm and at low 10 dba at 600 rpm so thats a big time change..Now the only thing you hear on my Cp is the wining WD VelociRaptor HD which will be changed to a SSD soon
  5. Misinterpreted what i meant,i was talking about price!
  6. Yes i do that from time to time...But the price i think was to expensive if you think about it $90 bucks for 3 fans what was i thinking....But again i cant believe those fans spin at 1200 rpm and hardly makes any noise..
  7. It's ok..i'll be sticking with cougar fans :)
  8. Im sure your talking about the cougar Vortex nice fan but i didnt see any speed controler plus there still not as quiet as the antec.
  9. Much more cfm.
  10. I cant see much more the Antec has more fan space plus it wouldnt make a difference at all in my case..i have two 120mm bringing in the air at the front one 120mm and a 200mm exiting so i have all the current i need plus being quiet is a big factor..
  11. I'd rather have something much cheaper than you payed that performs much bettrr and is a few dcb louder.
  12. It may performs better if your running a fan cooled rig ...So really it serves no purpose... noise reduction is really what people are now looking for specially the Corsair users..
  13. Yes, Cougar fans in the h80/100 are better than true quiet.
  14. I would never say better..They wouldnt serve any purpose for me..Im looking for a silent computer i have my noise level down to 10 db thanks to Antec...i have a totally silent watercooled system i have a OCZ pci express SSD so you dont hear any wining out harddrive also i have a Zalman 1200 watt water cool PSU with no fan at all. so you see what i mean..To each his own...i bet my PC makes less noise then yours in sleep mode.
  15. Already I can see you have spent much more on your system then I have on mine.
  16. Yes you could say i spent to much..I built it mostly for music and watching movies i do a bit of editing also im right into helicopter war games
  17. douglasw said:
    It may performs better if your running a fan cooled rig ...So really it serves no purpose... noise reduction is really what people are now looking for specially the Corsair users..

    i replaced my corsair fans with enermax TB silence (aka Apollish).
  18. Nice fan... does yours really go down to 6 dba what a difference i bet...I replaced 3 120mm fans and i still cant get over how quiet it have become... before i had the Antec led 3 speed with a 30 dba rating and talk about loud. Soon as i bought my case i knew one day those fans had to go
  19. the fans run flat out silent, night and day when compared to the corsair stock fans
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