XPS 8300 with slightly overclocked xfx hd 6870


Recently I bought a dell xps 8300 and I decided to replace the stock gpu (nvidia gt 530, not quite up to par) with an xfx hd 6870 (dual fan).

I read on these forums and others as well that the Dell PSU of 460 Watts -on account of its 460 mark being on the safe side - should be fine handling this new card (even though it recommends a 500 Watts PSU), but will it still be OK if I perform a minor overclock with amd Overdrive? I'm talking about going from 900 mhz to 920 mhz for the GPU, and from 1050 mhz to 1100 mhz for the RAM.

I've been playing some SC II with it for like 15 minutes and it seems perfectly stable (and especially in the "command centre" section the overclock ups the fps from around 30 to around 35, which I find an amazing difference for such a small overclock), but even being a total layman at this, I know that the card must obviously be using more energy now than at stock settings.

So would this strain the psu to the extent of potentially causing problems sooner or later?
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  1. Oh, and to complete the picture:

    I have a intel i5 2320 CPU (so it's relatively modest on the energy consumption side of things, I'd say) and 8 GBs of DDR3 RAM. Integrated sound and using headphones most of the time. So, apart from the graphics card, the rest of the system is fairly economical. At least, I think.
  2. Thats a relatively low clock. However, your are already pushing your luck and adding in extra strain to your PSU. I'm not an electrical engineer, so I can't say it'll eventually wear out your PSU on its own.

    That said, the OC is fine. I wouldn't push it any higher though. Though now I'm interested in testing just how much OC will push how many watts more from a PSU... looks like I'll be getting a new toy this year to test this. :)
  3. Thanks for your thoughts.

    Yeah, just to be safe I think I'll scale the oc down over further to 910 mhz gpu and 1075 mhz for RAM. On the one hand I'd expect it to be fine with 920 and 1100, since if people with more loaded xps 8300s (say, with an intel i7 cpu) can run (and even buy) the system with an 6870 card, then mine should be OK with the same card slightly overclocked.

    On the other hand, I don't feel like finding out my reasoning is flawed. ;)
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