Can a GTX 465 be unlocked to a GTX 470?

I am interested in a GTX 470 to SLI, and have an offer of a GTX 465 that is unlocked to the GTX 470. I know that the GTX 465 is the same chipset as the GTX 470, but have never heard of someone unlocking it to a GTX 470. Any info would be appreciated about unlocking a GTX 465 to a GTX 470.
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  1. Its possible, but most won't. You need one with a certain chip AND 8 memory chips and not the normal 6. Cough*google*cough.
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    I have heard the black PCB versions can unlock. I know the MSI golden hawk can too. Also, it is not 100% you will either. I think the PNY version or Galaxy can unlock, don't remember which one... Maybe both.
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