Looking for a small ATX case

I'm planning to upgrade my main rig and don't want the old motherboard + cpu + ram go to waste. So I'm looking for a second case that can fit an ATX board and is as small, yet functional as possible. And maybe even upgradable, meaning it can hold and is worth of putting in some new motherboard cpu ram combo and a dedicated gpu, later.

Price tag is around 50-60€. I'm in Europe, so there's no Newegg ...

Preferable a white case, but that price range doesn't offer much so I suppose I have to live with a black one.

I definitively want the interior to be the same color as the exterior.

After some research I came up with:
Cooler Master Elite RC-430 (190 x 424 x 490) - 48€
NZXT Tempest 210 (194 x 456 x 490) - 55€
Zalman Z9 plus (207 x 464 x 504) - 55€

My favorite out of those three is the Zalman Z9 plus. It already comes with 4 fans, a fan control and has dust filters at front and bottom, partly tool less and even cable management behind the motherboard tray. On the downside, it's the biggest case and I like the NZXT's look more.

Anyway, any more suggestions that fit the price range and offer similar features? :)

PS: Please do not suggest the HAF 912 or a case that looks similar ...
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