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Killing time while waiting for the new release and happened upon Eyefinity. Not sure why I had never seen it before but wow. Looks like it has been out for a couple of years so I would appreciate some opinions about it.

The second part has to do with the card I have right now. It is an MSI N570 as seen here:

So would I have to replace this card with an ATI card to get Sapphire? I want to run 3 monitors probably at 27". I am just really surprised that I could get awesome performance when driving 3 large monitors on one card? I don't want to sacrifice picture quality just to run eyefinity. I want the picture to look as good as it does with my current setup.

Thanks in advance peeps.
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  1. Eyefinity is AMD only so change from the GTX570 to a HD6950/70 would be required.
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    Couple of things you will need.

    Recent ATI Card (6870, 6950, 6970 is reccomended or better e.g. Crossfire)

    You need 3 monitors ALL be able to display the same resolution. (e.g. 1920*1080)
    you will also need at least 1 connected via Display port.

    so either make sure you have atleast 1 native display port monitor or use one of the following adapters (depending the outputs on the card)

    then its just a matter of enabling the function in the driver software.
  3. Remember when gaming in eyefinity you will be useing HUGE resolutions like 5760*1080

    i suggest getting the most powerfull card/s you can afford and the more VRAM the better
  4. On a side note NVIDIA does have "Nvidia Surround" but i have ZERO experience withi this so hopefully someone else can come in and comment on it.
  5. Thank you kindly for the responses. Question about Eyefinity. You mentioned that one of the monitors needs native display port. What does that mean exactly? I know what HDMI is, and I know what DVI is. Are there monitors that have both the native display port and the other connection methods together on one monitor? I ask because I would like to get 3 of the same monitor for consistency.

    Lastly, would you agree that the better the ATI card, the bigger and better the resolutions will be? Crossfire is two cards working together like SLI correct? I really didn't like the SLI thing because I had to activate it every time I was going to use it. Is that the same with crossfire?
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