Is it necessary for the motherboard to "beep" for a successful POST?

Hi,I recently assembled a new rig and I used MSI B75MA-P45 motherboard with Intel i5 3570.
As of now I cannot determine whether I'm getting video output or not because I will be using it with my TV and the motherboard does not have a HDMI port(Waiting for my graphic card).
I have gone through the tomshardware POSTing guide thoroughly and have discussed a lot about this in the official MSI forums.

They said that it isn't necessary for motherboards to beep of a successful POST,infact most of them don't.

With the RAM removed and only CPU,heatsink installed with PSU I get 3 beeps which means that RAM is not installed.I can conclude that CPU is not damaged(I took a lot of care while installing it)

B75MA-P45 originally did not support ivy bridge processors due to older BIOS but on the forums they told me that according to my product serial number I am having a newer BIOS.

If someone has the same motherboard then can he tell me the motherboard BEEPS on a successful post or not? I have already tried swapping the RAM with another one.
Thank you.
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    while turning on your system look for keyboard led (i.e num lock, caps lock, Scroll lock)
    if they blink all three after few seconds of pressing on button then it's booting up
  2. Contacted MSI customer care today and they said that their new BIOS is modified to beep only if something went wrong.So,no beep = System booting normally.
    Moderators,please close this topic.
    Thank you.
  3. Oh really? My 4 years old q6600 mobo keep beeping for once all the times. New rig doesnt
  4. Ceee9 said:
    Oh really? My 4 years old q6600 mobo keep beeping for once all the times. New rig doesnt

    Posted: 2013-01-04 10:36:59 (GMT+8),MSI
    Content: Dear sir/madam Thanks for contacting MSI technical support. does those three beeps without memory installed mean that the processor is fine ? Yes,it should be.In addition,due to the latest bios spec,there should be no beep when the PC boot up noramlly. Thanks for your cooperation in advance! Best Regards, MSI Technical Support Team

    That's how it is :) And I don't like that beep sound any way :D
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