For watching movies/videos AMD A8 or AMD A6? (no gaming at all)

Hi All, :hello:

This is my first thread.

Well, I've seen some comparisons of the AMD A6-3400M, AMD A8-3500M
and the Intel mobile versions of i3, i5, or i7,
but those comparisons are mostly for gamers, which is not my case at all.
Obviously, this is only about the integrated graphics processors (IGP).
I plan to buy a laptop with a 17.3" (or perhaps a 15.6") display.

I will NOT:
- play any games, edit videos or photos
- video chat
- do any multitasking (usually up to two windows open)
- no Microsoft Office,
- no uploading big files
and so on.

I just want to
1. stream movies or (music) videos
2. watch movies/videos saved on my hard drive
3. play regular DVDs
4. browse the internet

Do the much better specs of the AMD A8-3500M with HD 6620G graphics
than those of the A6-3400M with HD 6520G graphics matter for multimedia?



I am not an engineer.
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  1. Hi :)

    Not at all...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. Best answer
    The A6 is fine.
  3. Which ever CPU is the cheapest of all the ones your listed.
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  5. jaguarskx said:
    The A6 is fine.

    Thanks for the response. A laptop I am plannig to buy will have a 17.3" - 1600x900 display.

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