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What is the difference between the ddr3 and gddr5?
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  1. GDDR5 faster, always get card with that.
  2. but is the 20 bucks worth it?
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    For example, the reference Nvidia GeForce GT240 on GDDR5 is (Green coloured bar) is:

    550/1340/1700Mhz for core/shader and memory

    Now look down and see the ZOTAC GeForce GT240 1GB ZONE Edition GDDR3:

    550/1340/1580Mhz for core/shader and memory

    The difference in memory gives you 16.5 vs 12.9 fps, a wooping 28% different. I think this is very convincing.
  4. i see thanks,what i was going to buy amd a8 3850 llano with crossfire, but for a little bit more i can get the x4 955 and 6770. thanks
  5. Good, 6770 is definitly much better.
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