ATI Radeon 5870 and BF3 Beta Heat

I am a bit paranoid, but my fans get really loud and I turn on the AMD Overdrive and set the fans to 65% so its quiet, and it runs on parts of maps or lets say sections at around 70-74c and then larger parts 80c. What should be the temperature that would melt me Graphics Cards is 80c too much? and what exactly is AMD Overdrive?
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  1. anyone?
  2. AMD Overdrive is overclocking for you video card & CPU

    i would leave it DISABLED unless you know what your doing and plan to overclock your card.

    By default it will auto adjust the speed of your video cards fan according to how hot it is.

    Typically GPU's run a fair bit hotter than CPU's
  3. btw you may want to wait more than just 1hour before bumping your thread.
  4. When I plan to play demanding games like Crysis 2 for more than half an hour I'm usually sure to set my fan speeds to 100% in the summer, though not as much on cooler days. As long as you aren't getting artifacts or crashing you're o.k. as 80c isn't too bad for a 5870. It's not great, but it's not a dire emergency either.
  5. Sorry for the quick bump, and thanks guys. What would the temperature have to be for a dire emergency?
  6. 90c. You start going over that it's trouble. Anyway, I'd say set your fan speed for 70% and leave it there. My gigabyte cards are a little quieter than cards with a stock cooler though so I don't know if it will bother you or not ^_^
  7. I might just leave it at whatever speed it sets it at which is usually 99% fan speed. I had it at like 70 or 80% and it was around 81 c
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