My ram became slow suddnly

So here's the story, i was doing a physical clean up on my SYSTEM UNIT and after dusting the mobo and fans and turning it on, it always shuts down around after 8 mins. fixed it by reconnecting everythng properly. then the problem was fixed. after that my 2 sticks of 2 gig DD3 RAM became slow and only runs 2gig of it. i tried cleaning it and rubbing pencil earaser on it. and yet its still 2gig. what else can i do? btw its age is like 6 years already. my whole UNIT.. LOL
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  1. Hi,
    First take out both ram from there slot and try to clean the ram slot with brush or by blowing air from air blower then reconnect the ram n turn on your system hope it will solve your problem :)
  2. tnx man i will try that tomorrow :D
  3. was you wearing a groundstrap during your cleaning session? I'm betting you wasn't and fried one of the sticks. buy new ram sticks, think that will solve your problem
  4. Ground strap? aint nobody got time fo that. haha.
    tnx for the info, i think its one thing that happend. maybe.
  5. sounds like one of the ram sticks got zapped from static electricity. run memtest see which stick not see and then replace it.
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