Case transfer

Just looking for some quick tips or anything i should watch out for when I cange computer cases this week.

I am moving from a Prestigio mid tower to the CM HAF X 932 Advanced.

If you would like to know my rig be glad to answer any questions. Thanks!
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  1. Prestigio? Is that a pre-built computer? Never heard of it.
  2. If this is you first time uninstalling and reinstalling a motherboard, you should take note of were certain plugs go. If your HAF is anything like my Storm Scout, the front header will be separated into,I think, 5 different plugs(Power, Reset, LED +, LED -, HDD LED) and they need to connect in a rather exact order. Lol, when I switched cases for the first time, it took me 2 hours to figure that out.
  3. Thanks for the info. Sorry, that was misleading its actually a Sigma La Vie mid tower. Prestigiou is the model line.

    I was actually going to take not of every connection on the mobo prior to disassembly. I figure that the small plug ins would be the most tedious. HDD's and graphics cards are pretty straight forward.

    I was also concerned about my heatsink. I should just be able to pull the mobo put and transfer it without taking the heatsink off, correct? I just don't want to reapply artic silver.
  4. Your old case is just a generic tower, so eveything should fit without issues.

    Just make sure you have grounded yourself or wear an antistatic wrist strap and place all the components onto non-conductive mat or cardboard.
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