Upgrade now or wait?

Im using 4 gigs of ddr 2 ram and I refuse to upgrade because the prices are outrageous for ddr2 ram, so my question is should I get a new mobo with ddr 3 and get 16 gigs of ram or something, or just wait till ddr4 comes out?
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  1. Don't wait get new mb with ddr3 ram :bounce: or you will be forever chasing your dream :lol:
  2. Honestly, DDR3 is going to be around for a while, so upgrading to it would be a good idea. Next, unless you are planning on some hardcore video rendering/editing, or running a game server or two, 16GB is a little unnecessary lol. Although, getting 16GB of it would definitely future proof you on ram for a while :D
  3. Wait for ddr4 they should be officially be released at CES. They use independent memory controllers so number or memory sticks installed will be the number of channel the ram is running at. Wait for about 6 months until the ddr4 motherboard prices become affordable.
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