I cant see sli enable in my control panel PLEASE HELP :(

hey guys i cant see the SLI enable tab in my Nvidea control panel.
i can only see "set physx configuration" not " set SLI and physx configuration" in my 3D settings.
i have updated ALL the drivers, double checked pci- express slots and such. also iv made sure all the components are sli compatible

components are:
intel i5- 2500k
8gb gskil 1600GHz
asus p8p67-m pro
2x evga gtx 460 super clocked EE
AcBel R8 800 (750W) 80Plus

i dont knw if its the sli bridge, but its new so shouldnt be the problem.
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  1. do you have the bridge cable installed?
    are both cards detected with GPUZ?
  2. yeah i have the bridge connected and it is being detected by GPUZ. i ordered another sli bridge to make sure its not the problem.
  3. What's your OS and was it a clean install?
  4. w7 64bit. yes it was a clean install. when i installed the driver, i went to advanced and thers an option for a clean install.
  5. Have you got W7 fully updated? I found that I had to 'force' a couple of them when I first got my GTX560's, I didn't have to do that when I reinstalled W7 on the SSD though.
  6. yea when i check windows update nothing new comes up. btw i have checked online and alot of people are having toruble with the gtx 460 and sli same as me, but they just resort to the driver 275.33. unfortunately that didnt work for me
  7. I have not played with SLi'd 460's only a single one but still, I've always found SLi quite reliable and easy to work with so its a shame to hear that you are not having the same experience. What drivers have you tried?
  8. Did you get any updates about that new SLI bridge? I would try to remove the drivers, then remove the cards, and put the second card in the first slot, and install the drivers, and restart into the windows just to finish the installation. Then put the other card (the one that was in your first PCIe slot) into the second slot, and put the bridge on, and let nVidia pop up with a notification that this system is SLI capable. See if that works.
  9. @ badboyzasr stil nothing when i do that :(
    @mousemonkey i have tried 280.26, 276.00, 275.33. any ideas?
  10. There is still the 285.27 & 285.38 beta drivers to try if you want but I don't think your problem is driver related tbh.
  11. mousemonkey i tried the beta drivers but stil the same issue lol

    384 bit i heard people get the "sli smg" in the toolbar without even having the sli bridge on :S
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