Need help to decide which cpu is best for gaming

I'm about to build a new laptop and i'm stuck on which cpu to pick. i have narrowed the choice down to two cpu's.

the first is an overclocked i5 2430m dual core processor
(stock is 2.4ghz-3.0 with turboboost)
second option is a stock i7 2670qm 2.2ghz-3.1 with turboboost.

am on slight budget so can't overclock the i7. so whatever is best for gaming i would prefer. Also i will be playing games like shogun 2 and bf3.
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  1. Building a laptop?......I dont think thats possible all laptops are OEM. Do you mean custom building one from an OEM like Alienware (Dell)?
  2. building one would be much more expensive, it is not like desktop.
  3. Now how do you even have an overclocked i5-2430m? :heink:
  4. overclocking in low end laptop will fry all the components... don't do it
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