A55f-M2 1.0A BIOS

I have the 1.0a version of the board. The ECS site for Win 8 suggests I need a BIOS update to support it, but only the 2.0 version of the board has an update listed. Is the 1.0a version not supported?

Also, I notice that the latest BIOS that is actually listed for this version looks nothing like what is shown on the products web page or even to screenshots on the box. It's a traditional text interface but with some mouse support, not the fancy new GUI that ECS shows in screenshots.

Did I get a unsupported rev of the board?

Edit: I forgot to mention that eBlu does download a newer BIOS rev, but it won't flash. When I tried to manually flash the file downloaded the utility indicated that it was the wrong size.
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  1. The BIOS for v2.0 can't flash on v1.0a motherboard. v1.0a motherbaord doesn't need to update BIOS in order to support Windows 8.
  2. Great, thanks!
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