On board lan card 8111c drop dead

hi, my gigabit 8111c onboard lan card is dead, the leds beside the lan port are not on at all, but the funny thing is the device manager shows no error. it only gives me a red cross on the taskbar. But sometime miracle happened, if i let it rest for a night, the lan card's leds will be on and has connection next day, but only for a brief moment, about 30 sec it become dead again. Since then i cant revive it unless i shut down the pc overnight. I read a lot posts in this forum many nic problems are related to this 8111 chip....
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  1. The easy solution is an add in card if the motherboard is out of warranty!
  2. Sounds like bad soldering.

    But anyways, yea, if you got the pci slot, buy a PCI ethernet card for like $10 and have fun =D
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