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guyz ive got an i5-2500k (not overclocked) 4gb ram 2x500gb hdd gtx560 ti .. and at the moment coolermaster extreme power plus 500w

i read on some of the forums that its not really a good psu to power gtx560ti .. it gives a total of 368w on both 12v rails (18a each) ...

i saw a corsair gs500 and it has single 12v rail which provides 39a n a total of 468w on 12v ... would it b enough for this build?

the problem is i already ordered gs500 without even reading any of the forums ... stupid me ...

plz tell me it will b enough .. im not planning to sli or anything .. oh n the 560ti is factory overclocked to 900/1800/2106 ...

plZ reply as soon as possible .. thanx
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    Yes sounds good, as long as you dont sli you will be fine. Look up a PSU calculator on google if your that worried.
  2. Just look at reviews. Many will also do a system power usage.
    I just saw one at anadtech (fast google), where an Intel core2 extreme @3.20GHz would take more than 300W only with a 280.

    The nvidia/AMD reccomendations are so high because some (cheap) PSU manufacturers claim values which are unobtainable. In this regard, CoolerMaster is a good brand (as in not evil/deceitful).
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