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I am running windows server 2003 on a laptop at home. It's connected to another laptop via ethernet. Recently I enabled the wireless card on the laptop/server with Server 2003 on it. As soon as I did this, DHCP stopped contact with the etherneted machines, and I've been unable to get the connected machines to talk with the server (i.e. ping does not work, etc). I am thinking this wifi card did something. The wifi radio signal was actually coming from a neighbor's connection, so a totally different network. Can someone explain what and why this happened? Thanks. It's driving me crazy.
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  1. I should add I had DHCP, DNS, and Active Directory running perfectly on the laptop server beforehand. The only probably was new clients had to join the domain using the netbios name rather than the dns (i.e. .com) name. I'm not sure if that's a big problem or not. Anyone have any insight into that problem as well? Thanks again.
  2. Anyone?
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