Computer randomly black screens

Basically it'll black screens but the light is still on and so are the lights at the bottom of the laptop that indicate everything is still running. Sound cuts off, keyboard doesn't work to get it back to Windows.
I had stopped all but Microsofts programs from running on bootup, fixed all of my drivers that had problems and it still persisted. I then re-imaged the computer and it still happens.
I seen another topic like this on the forums and people were torn between it being the power supply or the video card. Which do you all think it is so I don't waste money buying unnecessary equipment.
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  1. What Laptop Model? Nvidia Graphics?
  2. Toshiba Satellite L655d s5109
    Not sure how to figure out the graphics.
  3. Ati GPU, not noted for overheating. However, what you describe has all the hallmarks of something getting too warm. Try downloading Speccy from here
    and see what results you get. Run a virus scan to stretch the machine a bit and see what temps are like, especially GPU.
    Meanwhile have a good look at your fan for dust buildup...
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