Ugh... ended up with one PC1333 and one PC1600 kit


This was a gift for Christmas. G.SKILL Ripjaws 16GB XL modules for a total of 32. Except for the speed and CAS (10-10-10 and 9-9-9), they're identical.

It'll be quite a hassle to RMA. Should I assume these should not be used together and will not overclock similarly at the same speed? What is the physical difference between these modules?

Thanks everyone!
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  1. Try to not OC, they will run at lower speed 1333MHz (10-10-10) if they work together.

    If they work well then you can try to OC them to 1600MHz if you want.
  2. I do want to OC so it's looking like I might need to RMA -- unless the G.SKILLS Ripjaws are awesome OC'ers (any comments on that)? Anyway, what makes these two identical-looking modules different? Is the memory tested in the lab and subsquently graded "1333" or "1666"?
  3. You did not mention the specifications of the RAM. The memory is rated for certain values, if you would like to use them together, you should try settings they can both support. It can be difficult to achieve good results with two separate kits, so it is best to use only a single 32GB kit.

    Thank you
  4. Well you should RMA them or just keep them if you keep them you wont be able to overclock them if you RMA you will be able to OC
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