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Looking for RAM for my new build. I can't spend more than $40 and am hoping to get DDR3 1600 or high 8GB of ram. My MB is MSI Z77A-G41. I have the Phantom 410 case so excellent cooling and power won't be a problem with my 650TX Cosair CPU.

Some good choices I have seen are as follows:

Samsung 8GB 1600 DDR3, no heat spreader $40

G Skill Sniper 8 GB 1600 DDR3 $45

Ripjaws X 8 GB 2133 DDR3 $40

Not sure which to get, ATM I'm just waiting for a good deal (low price for something good). It would be nice to get something now though.
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  1. The ripjaws are the best deal.
  2. When it comes to picking RAM, a lot of it is preference, and then the rest is what the board can handle. Your board can handle up to 1600mhz without overclocking, so if your not going to o/c, there isn't any reason to buy any higher than that. If you don't mind o/cing, then you can go up to 2800mhz(if you have a new 22nm CPU).
    As I said before, ram is mainly preference, so you just have to find a brand you like first. Personally I like Corsair. Here is a couple links to some nice RAM

    Corsair XMS3 Desktop Memory Kit - 8GB (2x 4GB) - $42

    Corsair Vengeance CMZ8GX3M1A1600C9 8G $45
  3. Samsung would be my recommendation if you are willing to overclock. 30nm process, low voltage ram that easily can hit 1866 and possibly go past 2k if necessary.
  4. The Samsungs are the best deal and actually have faster chips than the Ripjaws.
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