Can I use both DVI+ HDMI mirrored on 560 Ti

I have a single MSI Geforce 560 Ti Twin Frozr blah blah card with Windows 7 and two monitors.

I'm thinking of getting a TV and I'd like to hook it up to the card but I already have both video outputs taken by the DVI monitors.

Could I also use the HDMI to output video to the television?

I realize it would be a mirror of one of the DVI outputs and I'd be fine with that, just wondering if it's possible.

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  1. Unfortunately, no my friend. The 560Ti comes with a maximum of 2 outputs. The DVI 2 and mini HDMI share the output, so its either or. If you just want to extend your display to the TV, a USB adapter would be good, as they are about $40 and cost effective, as compared to adding a new graphic card/SLI setup.
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