Which Core 2 Quad Runs the Hottest when Overclocked?

Well i am planning on doing a science project to see if you can fry an egg in a computer, so I am planning on purchasing a core 2 quad and mobo. I currently have a hyper 212 evo and am going to take all fans off of it and get the processor very hot (possibly killing it because of excessive voltage/heat) and put a sheet of aluminum on where the fan would be usually mounted on crack an egg on it and see if it can be fried/cooked! Or do you suggest I go the gtx 480 route?
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  1. Why fry an egg just fry the hardware!
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    Q6600 B3 revision. Its important to be B3 not G0.
    GTX480 would be more expensive.

    BTW something like that has been already done. Have a look
  3. Bit of a waste of money, no?
  4. i'd use a small metal dish, like a metal crucible, and bake the egg
  5. For the grades...and if it survives I have an entirely new system!
  6. Hi :)

    You wont have time to cook the egg....the cpu will blow first...and the mobo thermal cut-out will shut off the mobo...

    All the best Brett :)
  7. Seeing as your obviously super rich, fancy sending some ram down my way? im in desperate need ;) :D Im joking btw :L
  8. Thinking of just spending a little for parts on ebay.
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