Generic PSU 550w and Palit GTX 550 Ti 1GB

Pls i need ur help.

I have a Generic 550w PSU. It is ok to use Palit GTX 550 Ti or not? Pls Reply so I can Decide
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  1. I wouldn't, got this from a generic psu test ; "Our generic 500 W power supply died when we tried pulling 275 W from it, so the maximum amount of power we could extract was 250 W – half the labeled amount!"
    Don't go cheap on the psu.
  2. Rather go for a decent PSU make like Antec, Corsair, Seasonic. Then 550W should be enough.
  3. what exact psu do you have and what are the 12V specs? you should look at an amd 5770/5770, they perform the same as a 550ti but use a lot less power.
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