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I'm not very experienced with computers and graphics cards and decided to come to the forums when i started reading about about what graphics card i need and they compared it to the resolution of the computer screen...

I'm in to gaming and would like to know with my model of PC which graphics card i'd need to play top end MMO's in high quality like Rift.

Manufacturer : Advent
Processor : AMD Phenom(tm) 9650 Quad-Core Processor 2.30 GHz
RAM : 4.00 GB
Screen res : 1920 x 1080
the card i'm using now is ATI Radeon HD 4350

I know there isn't a lot of info there if you need any more just ask i will find it.
Thanks for reading
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  1. hello friend your system specs is good and if you are using games then you can use nvedia geforce gtx580 its a good gpu and it can help you in certain things
  2. It will bottleneck a GTX580, go for something lower like a 6870. Also make sure your psu is good.
  3. ok then nvedia geforce gtx560 is also good
  4. my PSU is 350w i think, i'm not sure if that's good or not?
  5. Well thats one thing your going to have to upgrade a 350 watt cant power even a base level gaming card. Upgrade to at least at bare minimum 500 watts.
  6. You probably can manage it on good 450w but 500w is even batter and gives you more headroom. The price wouldn't be too much of a jump from 450w to 500w. But definitly you can not run those cards on a 350w.
  7. ok thanks!
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