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video memory of this graphic card ?
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  1. Actually the Intel HD 3000 can be used to play games, but generally on low settings. I bought a Lenovo IdeaPad Y470 (Core i5-2410M) a couple of months ago and installed some games to test out the Intel HD 3000 graphic core and the nVidia GeForice GT 550M discreet video card.

    Crysis is playable on low settings, no anti aliasing and 1366x768 resolution, but frame rates generally ranged between 18-24 FPS during gameplay. With anti aliasing on I got 8-11 FPS most of the time. Generally playable, but the final battle on board the aircraft carrier will most likely be a slideshow though. Even a good desktop PC with a powerful video card can struggle a bit with that final scene.

    Fallout 3 was playable using a mix of low and medium setting. Mostly medium settings, but I did turn off shadows to improve performance. Definitely playable though.

    I tested out Mass Effects as well, but it was a bit too choppy even when walking around the bridge at the beginning of the game on low settings. Going planetside in the first mission was a little better though even in combat. I suppose with people to render while on the ship, there is a performance hit. I didn't test it out extensive like Crysis and Fallout 3, but it seems to be somewhat acceptable.

    If you don't have high expections and you are not looking to play the latest game, then the Intel HD 3000 should be fine for most games using low graphic settings.
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