What is the best cpu below $200 fro gaming like call of duty mw2 ,mw3 and stuf

what cpu is the best for gaming like playing codmw2 mw3 and other games like that below $200 tho
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  1. the best gaming cpu under 200$ is core i5- 2400 at 190$

  2. if you have access to microcenter, core i5 2500k, followed by core i5 2400,
    recently released core i5 2550k(no integrated gpu) is also right under $200 at microcenter.
    dual core: core i3 2100.
    at newegg: intel core i5 2400.
  3. i3-2100.
    No questions asked
  4. thanks because im thinking of building a computer for gaming
  5. de5_roy had the most complete answer, but I'd just like to point out that the i3 2120 can be had for nearly the same exact price as the 2100, so I'd get that for the free 200Mhz bump in speed. I build a $600 system a few months ago and went with the i3 2120 and it runs like a champ.
  6. ok how much is it
  7. west171 said:
    ok how much is it

    core i3 2120 $128
    2100 $125
    didn't find 2120 on microcenter website.
  8. i5-2400 since I've read that MMO games like BF3 can use more than two cores. Don't know about MW3.

    Most games only use 2 cores. But games that can use more than 3 cores are slowly creeping up, however, they will still be the minority even 5 years from now because the more cores used to more time and money needs to be spent on development.
  9. amd fx 4100+asusm5a88-14 , will cost u around $200 . good value for money cpu combination , you can also add a ati radeon hd 6670 1gb ddr5 graphic card to take cares of call of duty game .0r you can go for a same configuration in intel if you are an intel fan by getting a core i3 2100 + an intel board in the same budget also with an ati raeon hd 6670 included but for an additional $80.
  10. for those games a i3-2100, phenom2 980, a8-3870k is also good.
    mw2,mw3 use very little cpu+gpu power at extra settings at 1920x1200 (filltering off).
    But you have budget around 200 then i5-2550k is a good option to consider for all future games.

    To get 75fps at those settings, atleast a 6770 is required.
    Which gpu you have/planning?
  11. hd6790 is it good or beter
  12. west171 said:
    hd6790 is it good or beter

    compared to what?
    what are your full specs, budget so far?
    here's tom's review:
  13. is any of the two i just posted beter than the 6770 for gaming
  14. Yes. They are running different coolers, the his one is the better option.
  15. ok will the i3 2100 be good with it for the gaming i want to do like how much frames do you rekon i will get
  16. Depends on resolution. What is your entire budget?
  17. not sure i only want to spend 220 on graphics card at the most and below 200 on a cpu but i want real good graphics no lag
  18. Uh that card should not cost 220, where are you buying from and what is your entire budget?
  19. i think the thread is going off topic.
    OP: for gfx card query, ask in that section. for opinions on full system, ask in the system section. you'll get better help in the appropriate sections.
    core i3 or core i5 2xxx cpus can handle from entry level to high end cards with ease, they will run currently available gfx cards fine.
  20. my budget like 5 6 hundred those cards are 200 in nz lol
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