Max memory i can put on my motherboard?

The motherboard i currently have: gigabyte h61m-s2v-b3

I heard that it has max capacity of 16Gb but i heard that you can't put that amount in, the max you can put is 8Gb.

I know it's 240pin and i can have 1333mhz.


1. Can i put 16Gb in my computer?
2. Is 1333mhz the fastest speed i can have?
3. Can i put any 240pin ram inside it?

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  1. 1. Yes, but 8 gb is plenty
    2. Yes; the board chipset is limited to 1333 as far as I know; I use that chipset with my asus board.
    3. No. You can't use ecc ram; use any cl9 9-9-9-24 1.35-1.5v non ecc ddr3 240 pin for best results.
  2. That motherboard can handle up to 16GB of RAM, and you can put that amount in, you just have to buy two 8GB sticks to put in it.
    The motherboard supports up to a max of 1333mhz ram, so buying anything faster would be a waste of speed/money.
    The motherboard does not support ecc RAM(Error-correcting code memory), so just make sure to buy non-ecc ram.
  3. Thanks for answering!

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