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Sabertooth Z77 Won't Recognize Ethernet Cable and Fans Won't Shut Down

January 3, 2013 10:26:45 PM


My build has gone well except for one issue with LAN connection: it doesn't work at all.

I installed the drivers - it's just telling me there's no cord connected. Is there something easy I'm missing? I'm worried that I damaged it during my build. I discovered a sticker covering the LAN port AFTER I mounted the motherboard so I tried to fish the sticker out with needle-nose pliers. I still had to disassemble the entire thing to get the sticker off, but perhaps I moved a sensitive pin digging around. I tried multiple cords with no luck 9and they work with the PC I'm using to write this right now)

I hope there's an easier fix, but if I did waste the LAN connector I can just get a LAN card and plug it into the MB correct? That would bypass whatever mess I made. Any good brands?

Man, everything went so smooth... Argh!!!

One other smaller issue - my fans won't shut off after shut down. They keep spinning. Any thoughts on that problem as well?

Love this website - many helpful people all through this process. Any help now would at least help me sleep better tonight. :)