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Hey everyone, I have a small problem. I just finished my first build and everything went fairly smooth. The only problem is my bluray burner LG BH12NS is showing up as a cd-rom and is running slow. My mobo is asus P8P67 WS Rev and CPU i5 2500k. I'm new to all of this so I'm not sure what other info you need.

The disk will not read, keeps popping up with an error: " this program is not a valid win32 program". Plus it takes about 10 minutes to go into the disk and see all the folders.

Any help would be great guys. Thanks

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  1. have you tried plugging it into a different port on the motherboard? Also, it might sound silly but see if the LG website has drivers for the burner that you can install
  2. Ya at first I plugged it into the 6gb/s spot on the board (with the appropriate cord of course) because I wasn't sure if it was compatible. Once I noticed how long it was taking to open that disc I changed both the cord and the spot it was plugged into. Now it's just plugged into a regular sata plug.

    Also, LG's website doesn't have an area for downloads. I scoured their website for about 2 hours last night. Nothing in their forums and not even google could tell me how to fix it. They do have a 1-800 number so I guess I can call them but I really don't want to talk to "Jeremy" in India, if all he is going to say is "did you put the disk in". (typing sounds) "did you put it in with the silver side down" (typing sounds).... Etc..
  3. "please wait while I research the issue further" (hold music)
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    I don't know, you got another drive to run in its place to see if it is recognized properly?
  5. I don't. I could just pick up another drive. A decent one is only $20. It may not be an issue because I haven't tried watching a bluray on it yet. Also that was the only disc that gave me issues. The chipset drivers disc installed like a breeze and so did the nvidia disc. Could it be that LG's disc has compatibility issues with windows 7? Speaking of which the OEM disc installed like a breeze as well.

    When I go into device manager and look at my optical drive, the driver listed says it's a driver for a cdrom.
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  7. well I came home and played a Bluray movie so I am not sure. Starting to think maybe it will just say its a CD-Rom and still do all the things a BLuray Burner should. Appreciate the help Dry!

  8. thanks dude, it could be just the way the driver reads the hardware ID
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