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i have asus motherboard that has ide controllers,i want to add a sata dvd burner but the patch cords are ide can i add a sata add on card to this motherboard and if so how. any info please. sorry im a newbie
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  1. You should be able to get a PCI card with SATA controllers on it, and there's no particular reason why it wouldn't work. You'd lose some performance, but for a DVD burner it won't really matter.
  2. is there a certain kind to get and how does it plug in to motherboard .thanks for any help
  3. heres some info
    asus p5pe-vm rev 1.00 board
    3.40 gh intel pentium processer
    64 bit ready
    dual core
    windows xp
    service pack 3
    primary ide channel controllers[2x]
    secondary ide channel controllers[2x]
    all in wonder 9800 series video card
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