6970 2gb xfire vs 560ti twin frozr 2gb sli

When ordering new components for my rig I came across a deal on newegg for a HIS 6970 2gb@ priced at $280. It made me question my original purchase of the Twin Frozr ii 560ti 2gb with a price tag at $20 less than the 6970. Would it be wise to go with AMD? My ultimate goal is to sli/xfire next year, where I know AMD's gpus run hot and I use air cooling. Should I stick with the Twin Frozr ii 560ti 2gb or grab the 6970?


55" LG 3D / or dual monitor 22" widescreen samsungs
P8Z68-V Pro/Gen3
Intel 320 series 160 gb SSD
WD Velociraptor 130 gb hd
Corsair Vengeance 1600 low profile 2x4GB(8gb)
Antec 900 case
Corsair 750 watt enthusiasts psu
Hyper 212 evo cooler
Sound blaster fatality pro

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  1. Alright lets compare the specs of each card.

    twin frozr 560 ti has 336 stream processors
    Core clock= 880MHz
    Memory clock=4080Mhz
    Shader clock=1760

    HIS 6970 has 1536 stream processors
    Core clock=880
    memory clock=1375
    shader clock=????

    in tests they will probably preform about the same so it all really comes down to preference.......
  2. Quote:
    Well to start, the obvious choice is the 6970s.

    They will outperform 2x 580s where as a 2x 560s will outperform a single 580.

    Get a 6970 with a nice non reference cooler and it will beast mode anything.

    Right now my brother is running an ASUS DCII 6970 2GB I found as open box for $277 (was brand new w/ everything including original packaging)

    He is maxing BF3 out w/ ultra everything @ 1080p resolution.

    I am running 2x Twin Frozr III 6950 2GB that perform on par with a 6990 or a 590 and I can max BF3 out with EVERYTHING from in game details to my AMD Control Center stuff (supersampling/edge dectect/high quality textures) all maxed @ 1080p w/ 60fps constant.

    Vsync with AMD cards is like a blessing. You get the better performing hardware and then it allows for PERFECT running vsync with ZERO mouse/input lag.

    Where as a few friends of mine with 2x 570s are getting horrid frames and can't even run vsync because of the input lag.

    Right now AMD is the choice to go with. If you can afford 2x nice 6970s do it.

    2x 560ti will be nice and can oc well but so can the 6970s and will be MUCH more powerful.

    The 6950s aren't as great at overclocking but you can buy two Sapphire 6950 2GB (with dual bios switch) and flick that switch to turn it into a 6970 minus the $100 you would have spent to buy the 6970.

    this card is the one I am talking about


    two of these unlocked to 6970 will save you $200 to spend on a new SSD like the Crucial M4 128GB or the Corsair Force GT 120GB or a better case that will fit the cards better and offer better cable management.

    Like the Carbide 500R from Corsair is a boss case, just have to add aftermarket fans if you want pro cooling.

    Here goes a pic of my setup


    here is a pic of my setup in the Antec 900 I used


    Trust me, you will want a new case.

    As far as air cooling goes, as long as your case has good cooling, then it shouldn't matter. But with the Antec 900 lacking the ability to flip your psu and proper cable management holes as well as crammedness, you won't get great cooling even if you add high cfm fans like I did to mine.

    Where as the Carbide 500r allowed me to flip my psu, virtually hide all of my psu cables, add a bottom intake fan that blows directly onto my gpus, removable hdd cage to allow for better air flow, more space to work with. Many many bonuses.

    If you have any concerns or questions just give me a shout and I will see what I can help with ^_^

    Very nice, thank you for the detailed response. We're pretty much sitting in the same boat in what direction we want to take our PC's, and I must say your setup is looking beautiful.

    Would you go with the HIS 6970 or the Sapphire 6950 with OC switch? The Sapphire looks like it already has good cooling, but am skeptical about the OC switch.
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