To upgrade HW now or wait 3 months?

Hi guys,

I really dont know what to do right now... Upgrade right now or wait some months?

Currently i have this setup:
+ SSD and 2xsata2 in raid 0
Cabinet is okay as well..

My question to you is... Should i upgrade my processor, memory and graphics now?

Please note that i only want nvidia and intel.

Im willing to give om to 2k$ for the new hardware..

Really looking forward to hearing from you guys, i need it.. icant even play need for speed the run at lowest :(

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  1. Ehh, i forgot... Theres some nice hardware out right now.. but i know that Intel has said that they are going to release cpu's with 6 kernels next year... And i heard some roumers that intel are going to release some new hw aswell=?
  2. *nvidia's going to release new hw as well*

  3. Any upgrade in this matter?
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