I am upgrading soon to an AMD 1.2GHz. Should I wait for DDR Ram and a motherboard supporting it? Is it worth it? WOuld I be making a mistake to go and buy an SDR ram system right now?
Also, how much more will DDR ram and a motherboard supporting it cost than a non-DDR supporting board (ABIT KT7a-RAID, for example)?

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  1. Tom recently posted a review of a new DDR board for PIII (if I remember correctly). In the article he comments about CPUs which can actually take advantage of the extra bandwidth.

    You may want to read it, I think he said the P4 was best suited to take advantage of the extra bandwidth, but there is no P4 DDR board yet.
  2. Who the hell can afford a P4 anyhow?
    oops, Did I just give away my lowly blue-collar,father of 4 economic status?

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