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Thanks for taking the time to read my post. Here is what I would like to accomplish:
- Have a remote employee login to access company files and programs.
- Run a basic web interface for customers to login to and check the status of their tickets.

I am familiar with networking and I know how to accomplish this, but there are some things that I am not sure about. Security being the primary.
1. If I host my CRM software and my financial software on the same machine, what can I do to prevent someone from accessing it while still allowing my employee to connect to access the files and programs?

I have a verizon fios connection(dhcp). I planned on using DDNS to allow connections... I use a verizon wireless actiontec router. I have access to a few different firewalls and I hav a few extra servers lying around that I can use if need be, but I would like to only have to worry about using one ip address and one server. The verizon router has a built in firewall that can be configured if it can be used in this setup.

Just looking for the best way to do this. If it is not secure to use one server to accomplish this, I can add another server. Just would like some opinions.

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  1. I am using a residential connection so it is DHCP from my ISP (Verizon). The router is capable of being connected to a DDNS service so I do not have to worry about the IP address constantly changing. I do no believe it is possible to host the files on a remote server (GoDaddy). The files are tied directly with the CRM software and changes are made directly to those files either internally or externally via the web.

    I do not plan to have a lot of traffic in the beginning to my server. I would like it to be able to run the CRM software and hold the QuickBooks company file. This is also a home network, so there are somethings that I would like to keep private from the entire web. I have most of the hardware to make this happen but I am just not sure on the exact connection of the components. This is my list of hardware that I can use to make this setup happen:

    4 - Servers w/ Windows 2003 installed
    1 - Zywall 2 Firewall
    2 - Netgear FS 318 Firewall/VPN's

    I guess it would be ideal for the employee to access the CRM software and Quickbooks directly from the server. Or would it be better to host the QuickBooks company file on a different machine and the CRM software on a different machine and connect this one directly to the internet and have the employee use a VPN to connect directly to the network. Just a little confuse and I would like to see examples of how others have seen this done
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