Accelero twin turbo pro on hd5850


i got a hd 5850 and have applied a twin turbo pro :D on it but something strange is going on :sarcastic: ......... my vddc are getting much hotter than stock cooler :fou: but gpu temps have dropped a lot :ouch: see here is a screen shot
THIS IS ON LOAD---- weird my vddc #3 was having the maximum temperature but suddenly it has had a drop in its temp..... it went over 150c :kaola: :fou: :( mark in furmark but now it sits sweet at only 75 apx range :sarcastic:

the vddc temp climb very very fast dont know what has happened....
was thinking of the pad from the stock gpu cooler.....???? :sarcastic:

these are my idle temps a bit lower than this also, if left for a while....

please help i want these vddc down as i want 1 ghz overclock...... STABLE......!!!! :bounce:
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  1. something strange agaian happened i let the furmark run even for the other vddc and now they are also not going above 80 deg c what has happened ...... were they trying to seat themselves...........
  2. When you removed the stock cooler, did you install the Video Ram heatsinks?
    When you install the Accelero Twin Turbo, you also need to install extra video ram heatsinks, which are NOT included with the cooler itself.
    You can try these VRAM heatsinks...
  3. these were in the box have applied according to the manuals
  4. something very strange has happened my graphic card got stuck two times and now screen turns off after 10 seconds from startup of computer....... i cleared cmos of my motherboard but problem is that it now is saying bios recovery required...... bios of my board or graphic card...........????? I am very scared as i may have bricked the card.......!!!!!!
  5. does anyone know now i am getting bios recovery requested
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