Will there be additional charges in buying a graphics card online?

Hey guys, thanks to you people I have finally decided to buy a xfx radeon HD5670 1gb DDR5. I may buy it from amazon.com. Will there be additional charges other than the product price and the shipping charges. I stay in Bangalore, India.
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  1. It all depends on India's import policy. Each country has different import duties and rules.

    So yes when it arrives in India, your goverment may charge extra fees. Verify with the Indian import ministry or the equivalent over there
  2. I generally buy domestically to get away from sales taxes. The shipping to me is free via newegg and generally is better than burning the gasoline to drive 60 miles or whatever to a computer store.

    I have sold and shipped items into Canada. Those are a Customs green form with absolutely no insurance and the Canadian Customer has to pay large duty and tax on the import.

    Then there is the Exchange rate to consider. I would imagine UK loves to buy American stuff here online and convert against the Pound which is about 1.60

    Finally and MOST IMPORTANT. There are SOME ITEMS that we buy and sell online that we must sign a paper that we will never export. (Such as some Gun related things) To export some of the technology out would be to enable our enemies to gain a foot hold.

    India should not be too difficult. It will take a while for the item to get there. I once bought a lens from Singapore and it took 80 days to arrive on the slow boat. It was covered in stamps upon stamps filled with gibberish in foreign language. But it cleared MY customs and I was able to recieve it.
  3. Does anybody have any ideas what are the extra charges going to be if i buy a XFX ATI Radeon HD 5670 1 GB DDR5 from amazon.com to Bangalore, India.
  4. Your best option is to call Amazon.com.

    They may not even ship internationally.
  5. jaguarskx said:
    Your best option is to call Amazon.com.

    They may not even ship internationally.

    You were right. They only ship CDs to India.

    Thanks for your help.
  6. Try Provantage.com.

    I believe they ship all products internationally.
  7. Ebay or a site from your country are probably your best options.
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