New PSU for my Dell Precision 690, missing connectors

Hi all! :hello:
So, I have a Dell Precision 690 workstation, and my PSU (model H750P-00, click for specs)
just ceased working.
That said, I immediately ordered a new 1000w PSU (model Coolermaster Silent proM 1000w, click for specs).
Which proved to be a potentially huge mistake, because I noticed that my motherboard (0DT029, Dell proprietary)
needs connectors that no other new PSU seems to have.
The only one that I am able to connect to the new PSU is the 20+4 pin ATX connector (to the "power 1" attach on the mb).
But it's missing another 20 pin connector, which goes into the "power 2" input on the motherboard,
and even an additional 12 pin connector.

Now, i have 4x 4 pin CPU connectors coming out of the new PSU, plus 5 Molex and another 5 PCI-E 6 pin connectors.

My first take on a possible solution to this may be buying a 20 pin y splitter, and attempting to connect both power inputs to the 20+4 pin connector coming out of the psu, but I still have no idea on what to do with the 12 pin connector.

Any ideas? :sweat:
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  1. return the power supply you have bought
    since you have a dell you need to get a proprietary power supply
    the connectors might look the same but the wiring position is different
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