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Hi everyone, i recently put together a build and i am having an unusual problem. First off, here are the specs, each item is brand new from microcenter.

Diablotek 500 watt PSU
AMD 8320 CPU
ASRock 970 Extreme 3
8GB 1333 mhz
3x 4gb 1600 mhz
Geforce 210 Video card

So i got everything running, updated bios to latest version and it said success. It booted and i went to my computer and noticed it only said 16 gb ram (12 usable).... so i turned off the computer and checked to see if maybe a ram chip wasn't seated properly... and i was right. So i then started the computer and nothing showed up on the screen. The fans on the CPU work, lights on case work, everything seems fine except nothing on the monitor, no bios info or anything, it just shows no signal.

I changed the monitor to see if maybe that was the issue but nope... any idea?
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  1. UPDATE: I just pushed the power again and it showed the start up bios for a second, then went back to no signal and jumped back to boot.... is this a video card or mobo issue? FARK, this is not something i expected to deal with.
  2. Any help?

    I noticed today when i installed a light inside the case it did the same thing... the computer booted but there was no video coming to the monitor. I am going to assume its my PSU?

    I have a 500 watt diablotek....

    Current hardware installed:
    Wireless card
    Geforce 210
    CPU Fan Controller LCD
    120mm Fan
    CPU fan
    3x Kingston Red 4GB 1600 DDR3
    1x IPSC 8GB 1333 DDR3

    Is it possible that the PSU is overwhelmed and not giving enough power to the video card for it to not produce the video?
  3. Have you tried starting with only one RAM stick installed?
  4. alexoiu said:
    Have you tried starting with only one RAM stick installed?

    no, but how will that make a difference?
  5. It might be a memory issue. Power off, remove all sticks but one and power on.
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