Mixing Ram Causing Computer Crash/Freeze During Game?

Hey guys,

I recently built my first computer and at first wanted to use just Corsair Vengeance. Then, when buying my CPU, it game with free Patriot Gamer RAM. I decided to throw both sticks of RAM into my MOBO totaling at 16 GB of RAM (4 GB per stick). My new build, however, freezes at times while playing League of Legends. One possible cause of this issue, after some research, seems to be my RAM. People say it is because of differing timings, latency, and voltage. However these 2 packs of RAM have identical specs. DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800), 9-9-9-24 timing, Cas Latency 9, and 1.5 V Voltage. Could mixing the RAM still be a cause of my random freezes? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!



Edit: After looking further into the details of the Patriot RAM, it actually is 1.65 V in the details. Bullet points next to product say 1.5 V. CONFUSED.
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  1. I would suggest running memtest with your current setup (which by the way you didn't post).

    With different Voltage recommended for each sticks, you can run into issues.
  2. Sorry, here is my current setup:
    CPU- i5 3570k
    Mobo- ASUS p8Z77- V LK
    Video Card- GTX 550 TI (fermi)
    PSU- Antec 550 W BP550
    RAM- 8g Corsair Vengeance 8g Patriot Gamer 2 Series
    Case- Rosewill Challenger U3
    SSD- Crucial m4 128g
    HDD- WDC WD5000 465 GB

    I just learned of memtest early today. I am out of blank discs so I am going tomorrow to burn it onto a disk and test my RAM. I will post again with the results.

    However, if the RAM passes memtest, could it really be the differing voltages?
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