Seasonic PSUs Models

Seasonic S12D ,M12D ,S12,M12,X series ,SS, Seasonic Energy Plus,Seasonic super versatile .

out of these models which are d Best Ones.I mean which are best and which are good or average.

i think S12 and M12 are best , but what about SS , X series?

I have Sli config and recommended calculated power Need is 650W.
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  1. The X series are the best.
  2. The X series are their top of the line models, full modular and gold or platinum efficiency depending on the unit.

    The S12D and M12D are higher power and nicer versions of the S12II and M12II line up, the original S12 and M12 are older and have been replaced by the 12II, and the 12II Bronze.

    They have a lot of other units but those are the most common.

    For an SLI config that only needs 650 W(2 560s?) there are quite a few options, here are some solid options to pick from depending on your budget and if you want modular cables.
  3. the X series are the to models .gold/platinium rating and fully modular also used ib xfx gold/plat models

    M12d and S12D are next best the m12d is modular version of the s12d.silver rated modular used in the modular xfx pro 750 and 850

    the SSxxx Bs is a hybrid design of the older s12 and the S12D which is pretty good mid range used in xfx/corsair tx V2 series and a modular version used in the nzxt hale 82 and

    and the rest goes down from there
  4. There's nothing wrong with any of them however, apart from one of very low power units.
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