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GTX 570 SC Low FPS and bad scores

I recently received my GTX 570 in the mail today and am a little concerned about the bench scores and FPS ive been getting in for example Deus Ex Human Revolution.

My build is

CPU : Core 2 Duo e8400 wolfdale @3.0 Ghz
Motherboard: Asus p5n-d
Gpu: GTX 570 SC
RAM: 4GB corsair

My 3d mark vantage score (trial version with fixed settings) is on average 16000 for GPU only. Im seeing people get 21000 alot.
Heaven hovers around 42 fps average with everything turned up and anisotropy to 4 at 1024x768. On these same settings i see people on average getting 60-70 fps. In Human revolution on max settings when i go outside in the city i get unplayable frames at like 15-20, inside its 45-50 fps. I also get some stuttering. I see people (granted they have a better cpu) getting like 60 fps in the city outside. Also something strange, my 570 runs at full load at a lower resoluion like 1024x768 and so does the cpu, but if i go to 1680x1050 the cpu hovers arouns 60% and the GPU still gets a full load and i get about 20-30 frams in heaven with everything set to high but anisotropic.

In MSI GPU usage does go to full load while running these benchmarks, but hovers around 50-60 in deus ex.

I realize i might just be bottlenecking this card with older components, but am upgrading everything else to 2600k and z68 maximus board. Later this month.

Any ideas? I was hoping for better performance on highly GPU dependant things like heaven. Do you think its just my CPU?
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  1. Also, my CPU hovers arouns 80-90% in Deus ex.
  2. I had the same prob.
    Bought a Quad,OC to 3,7Ghz .... problem solved.
    Your cpu holding you back .... your card
  3. PSU?
  4. PSU is 750w corsair.
  5. Well i guess it is the CPU, just hav e to wait on new parts and see ^^

    Thanks guys
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    jkbrooks1 said:
    Well i guess it is the CPU, just hav e to wait on new parts and see ^^

    Thanks guys

    It is definitely the cpu
  7. Ok, just to be sure you are confirming taht my GPU score can be lowered in 3dmark vantage all the way down to 16k when it should be around 23k (superclocked version) by my e8400 at 3.0ghz, right. I have looked around alot and havent seen any scores that low.
  8. I hate to shamelessly bump the thread, but i just want to reiterate the point about the 3dmark vantage score. I just am worried that my card is defective or something. Mainly because im unable to find any posts anywhere that show this level of deviation from the norm.
  9. Absolutely the cpu. But if your gonna upgrade it your going to have to stay in the same socket, that sucks :/
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