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I am thinking about adding 2x2gb sticks of RAM to my gaming computer. I've got 2 slots open, but two of the slots are filled with some G.skill ram 1333mhz dual channel. It has no heatsinks, but I would like to add two more sticks of G.skill ripjaw RAM, dual channel. So what I'm asking is, could I run 2 different dual channels with 2 different kinds of RAM?
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  1. You can definitely add more RAM to your comp. Just make sure to buy more 1333mhz RAM so the clock speeds are the same. Also, make sure you are running a 64bit Operating System or you wont be able to utilize the extra RAM.
  2. You shouldnot have different ram cards installed in your motherboard.
    If you are still willing to go with it, I'll recommend you to get the same pair of ram cards you have currently. Needs to be of same frequency, timings and most importantly voltage should be same.
    Plug the cards like this
    Old cards in 1st and second slot and the new set in 3rd and 4th slot.
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