Can anyone recommend a good system for under 200 bucks?

Pre-built only. No upgrades will be done, and no gaming. Just basic we browsing. on TigerDirect they have this:

As I said, it just needs to be very basic. I am buying this one uness someone here knows of a better system. (200 bucks and under only)

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    Significantly faster than the one you posted. Will need one extra gig of RAM to make it suitable, but honestly, with cheap RAM that it should be a problem. And if it is, 1 GB is still plenty for just internet (still recommend 2GB though...)
  2. Best answer This one too, but it seems to have a problem of shutting itself down (I'm thinking its either the PSU or its overheating with that ancient CPU).
  3. Top one doesn't have enough HDD space. But bottom one I like. Thansk!
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  5. Not a problem, glad I could help!
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